A Step Above The Rest

Bella Saunas is Pleased To Be An Authorized Dealer Of The Medical Sauna™.  This Series of Products Was Created With The Necessary Features That Sets It Apart From Other Competitors.  Each Medical Sauna Comes With a List of Features That Make Them More Luxurious, Effective and Therapeutic. 

Rapid Heat Technology, Medical Sauna.  

The Average Sauna Takes 90 Minutes-2 Hours to Preheat.

The Medical Sauna™ Takes 40 Minutes or Less to Preheat. 

The Rapid Internal Heating™ System Will Save You Time & is More Energy Efficient on Your Home.    

The Average Sauna can take 10 Minutes or More to Break a Sweat; However, This Feature Allows you to Sweat Immediately.  Because of the Immediacy, You Can Relax Quicker, Increase Endurance, Boost Metabolism & Immunity. Take advantage of the benefits of Hot/Cold Therapy Which can Improve Flexibility & Muscle Strain.   


                       3D Heat Therapy Medical Infrared Sauna

 Omni-Directional Heating  And  3D Heat™ Therapy 

3D Heat Therapy™ Works by Penetrating Deep into the Cells & Tissues of the Body.  This Increases the Effectiveness of Your Sauna Routine. The Omni-Directional Heating™ Feature Evenly Distributes Heat So You Can Extract the Most Benefit From Every Session.   


Safe Cool Down System

The Airflow System Allows Hot Air to Escape Slowly, So Your Body can Cool Down At A Therapeutic and Safe Pace.   



 Durable Hemlock Material

The Natural & Durable Hemlock Material contains Astringent Properties Which Enhances Detoxification and Cleanses & Tightens The Skin. The Natural Wood Will Look Stunning In Your Home and Becomes More Durable With Time.     

LED Lights Hybrid-Traditional & Infrared Saunas

Some Models Offer Chromotherpay also known as Light Therapy. 

Light Therapy Can Treat a Number of Conditions Such as Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD. The Science is Based on the Effect Light has on all Living Beings. Light Therapy Can Improve Mood, Sleep, Acne & The Body's Natural Rhythm.  


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