Overall Benefits Of The Medical Sauna Series


Relaxation: Cortisol is the hormone released while under stress.  High Cortisol levels can lead to weigh gain. Medical Saunas™ balance Cortisol levels & regular use can promote a better night’s sleep.

Improved Circulation: Like exercise the Medical Saunas™ can positively affect cardiac output. 

Detoxification: Medical Saunas™ allow you to eliminate and detox over seven times more dangerous toxic & heavy metal compared to any regular sauna.  Promoting healthy and youthful skin. 

Immune System Response: Your immune system will receive a boost by producing more white blood cells during your sessions.  It can also assist you to recover more rapidly from illness.

Muscle Recovery: Improvement in the circulatory system can dilate the blood vessels which send more oxygen to the cells in your body.  An increase in oxygen can help the muscles relax and recover after an intense workout.   

Weight Loss: Medical Saunas™ have shown benefits in weight loss. A single session can burn 600 calories all while you relax.

Pain Relief: The Medical Saunas™ can relieve the discomfort cause by inflammation.  The increase in circulation helps relax the muscles.


Individual results may vary. All the information contained on this site is for informational purposes only.  Bella Saunas does not provide medical guidance.  Please consult with a licensed physician for medical advice.    


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