Why Owning A Home Sauna Is A Must

Benefits of Regular Sauna Bathing 

Sauna Usage Can Directly Affect Your Blood Pressure, Vascular Function, Oxidative Stress, Inflammation Levels And More.  Sauna Bathing Can Have The Same Physiological Effect As Moderate- Or High-Intensity Exercise. Regular Sauna Usage May Lead To Fewer Common Colds, Flu, Lowers Risk Of Pneumonia, And May Also Boost The Body’s Immune Response.  Research Has Shown That People Suffering From Musculoskeletal Conditions, Such As Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis And Fibromyalgia, Report Feeling Less Discomfort After Spending Time In A Sauna.  Similar Results Have Been Observed Among People With Chronic Headaches.  Saunas Can Reduce Stress And Can Boost The Production Of Endorphins (Feel Good Hormones).

Buy Your Own At Home Infrared Sauna And Unleash The Benefits Today.  

Improve Cardiovascular Health: Sauna exposure just once a week has a positive impact on cardiovascular disease and decrease incidence of fatal heart attacks.  Studies have shown that regular use can Improve Cholesterol Levels & Decrease  LDL “Bad” Cholesterol by 50 Points & Lower Blood Pressure over time.       

Anti Aging: Help Improve Skin Tone, Radiance and Reduce Acne & the Signs of Aging by Stimulating Circulation, Blood Flow & Collagen Production.  

Weight Loss: Burn up to 600 Calories Per Session. In One Study, Subjects Decrease Their Body Fat by 4% over 16 weeks. Increasing Core Body Temperature will Increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Production.  HGH Levels Decreases with  Age & is Necessity to Build Muscle Mass, Boost Metabolism, Youthfulness & Vitality.

Strengthen your Immune System: Increases the Production of White Blood Cells Which Fights Bacteria and Viruses. 

Body Detoxification: Remove BPA, Phthalates, DEHP and Heavy Metal Buildup Such as: Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nicotine & Arsenic.

Relieve Pain & Muscle Recovery: Heat Penetrates Soft Tissue to Alleviate Pain & Soreness in the Joints & Muscles. A Decrease Inflammation & Increases Circulation Is Necessary for Recovery.      

Improve Overall Mental Health & Stress: One Session Can Induce Relaxation, Promote Deep & Restful Sleep and Increase Serotonin (feel good hormone) Levels. This has a profoundly positive effect on Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression. Regular use Will Lower Cortisol Levels Which Aid in Weight Loss and Decreases Stress. 

Dementia: Brief Daily Exposure to Infrared Light Has Been Found to Significantly Improve Symptoms of Dementia.

Decrease Fatigue: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be Treated By Decreasing Stress Response, Boosting the Immune System and Preventing Protein Degradation.



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